Live expert Q & A on Explore migration and set up

Expert Q & As
Tue, Jan 26, 11:00 AM (CST)

Join our panel of Zendesk experts as they answer your questions about Explore migration and set up. You can post a question in advance, ask one during the event, or if you can’t attend, register and we’ll send you a recording.

About this event

Join us for a live video Q&A on Tuesday, January 26, 2020, at 11 am CST. A panel of Zendesk experts, including Zendesk Customer Advocates, Product Managers, and Community Moderators, will be available to answer your question on Explore migration and set up.

We will answer as many users’ questions as we can during the live event, and any that we don’t get to will receive written answers afterward. If you have a question you want our experts to answer, post it now in this Community topic in the Zendesk Help Center. We will be choosing questions from here first before opening the floor up to attendees, so post today!

If you cannot make it to the live event, we will share a recording after the event. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at



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