Customer Success Live - 7 steps for a successful implementationšŸš€

Customer Success Live - AMER
Thu, Oct 7, 12:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

Have you recently started on Zendesk? Or are you just a new Zendesk user and want to know where to start with your account? Join this beginner session covering 7 key steps for a successful Zendesk account.

During these sessions, we will walk you through the features of Zendesk that can help you leverage your tool the right way. From connecting your channels to understanding how business rules work, you will get a full overview of the features you should not miss and why they are so important.


  • Daniel Schultz

    Daniel Schultz


    Customer Success Associate

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  • Carey Jordan

    Carey Jordan


    Scaled Customer Success Manager

  • Organizer

  • Mara Simonson

    Mara Simonson


    Senior Scaled Customer Success Manager

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